Pinnacle Print Group's dedication to sustainability involves embracing environmental solutions to ensure an eco-friendly print production facility.

Our aim is to produce the most visually appealing and highest-quality products to help our clients and their business always look their best.

We believe that for the printing industry to remain a viable and sustainable option for the future, all parties should commit to pursuing responsible and sustainable practices and principles.

Our contribution

to reducing our carbon footprint.

Pinnacle Print Group continuously invest in and support environmentally friendly printing and business practices to ensure we will always maintain our renowned stature within the industry.

At our Melbourne production and warehouse facility, we have implemented eco-friendly solutions across the site. With the installation of a complete solar-panelled roof, we have been able to significantly reduce our carbon footprint as well as our daily electricity usage, knowing that we are making a difference by helping the environment.

We see the environment as an extension of ourselves, and therefore believe that doing what is best for our planet means we are doing what is best for ourselves.

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