We’ve made some changes over the past few years - we’ve even moved premises

but we still hold onto the core value that we believe keeps our clients coming back service.


PPG first fired up the presses way back in 1982, and ever since then we’ve been constantly evolving and adapting to an ever changing industry.


We are 100% Australian owned, offering an exciting blend of long term experience and knowledge with the latest technology and fresh ideas. We like to remain down-to-earth and maintain strong and personal relationships with our clients and suppliers.


We understand just how much printed material can influence sales and brand perception, which is why we strive to provide our customers with the most seamless design, print, and web experience.


Our large range of services include commercial offset printing, state of the art digital printing, large format printing, self adhesive labels, web design and hosting, e-commerce and online ordering, mailing and personalisation, warehousing and inventory management, pick n’ pack for local and national distribution.


Printing isn’t just what we do, it’s our livelihood; we are here for the long term. We have ensured our future in printing is a sustainable communication platform, which is why we are dedicated to promoting responsible printing practices.


Through our certification with FSC and our partnership with Two Sides Australia, we can ensure a printing has maximum impact on your clients, and minimal impact on the environment.




FSC is an international network to promote responsible management of the world’s forests, brings people together to find solutions to the problems created by bad forestry practices and to reward responsible forest management.

Scientific Certification Systems, Inc., now doing business as SCS Global Services, is a trusted leader in third-party environmental, sustainability and food quality certification, auditing, testing and standards development.

Our common goal is to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper, and dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing users with verifiable information on why print and paper is an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium.




Promoting the responsible management of forests worldwide.

Setting the standard of


Graphic Communications Value Chain companies.



There are certain variables that can affect artwork components during production and though on their own they can be small, they can combine to affect the final design on the trimmed product.

We have client support team and they are happy to help with questions how to create print ready artwork. Please feel free to contact your PPG customer service executive.



Having In-house IT department with years of combined experience in both, Graphics and IT industry we are able to assist and help our clients with technical solutions to resolve any issues or errors that could effect supply of correct artwork within nominated time frames.

sharing knowledge.

We’re always happy to help, which is why everyone from our directors to our factory staff are constantly sharing the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years. If you have any concerns about how your job will behave on the press or in the finishing department, we are always willing to explain the process in detail. We don’t like to keep secrets, instead we prefer to remain accessible and approachable.

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